Still Life Drawings 2

"Striped Tale Clth with 3 Dinner Plates"

Acrylic and Gesso on Paper

3.5' X 2.5'



In this drawing I wanted to work in acrylic paint and keeping it to just black and white.  The idea was to create a series of squares by making the table cloth stripped.  I wanted to offset it with the three circular shapes which represent plates.


Acrylic and Pencil on Paper

3.5' X 2'


This drawing was an attempt to incorporate acrylic paint with pencil.


Acrylic and Pencil on Paper

3.5' X 2'



This is another drawing in which I wanted to incorporate acrylic paint with pencil.  I also wanted to create some type of texture for the table cloth surface so used a matt gel for that texture.  The imagery was a lesson in mixing objects that have no relationship to one another.  The milk and cookies with the doll arm.




Acrylic and Pencil on Paper

3.5' X 2'


Once again I wanted to try and incorporate 3 bright colors into this composition.  I wanted the look to be simple, let the colors make the main statement.  This is another painting in which I used matt gel to create texture.  The feather is just an object to ask “why”?



"Red Table Cloth with One Big Mother Fucken Green Apple"

Oil Sticks and Pencil on Paper

3.5' X 1.5'



In this drawing I wanted to explore different media, specifically oil sticks, something I have never tried.  Also, I like using simple geometric shapes that contradict one another.  In this case it is the rectangles of the table, table cloth and stripe with the circular shape of the apple.  I also wanted to use complementary colors, the red and green.  The title:” Red Table Cloth with One Big Mother Fucken  Green Apple” comes from the desire to more away from the nice common titles such as “Still Life with Green Apple”.  I feel the present title fits in with my desire to use contradictory shapes.


"A Man's Still Life"

Pencil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas

3.5' X 2.5'



Classical still life drawings seem to have a 'female" bent to the.  This is just an attempt to create a "male" still life by using objects related to men, a tie, my shoes and cigars.

"My Boat"

Pencil on Paper

3.5' X 2.5'



This drawing is similar to the piece called “My Scissors”.  Once again it is a look at a little boy’s toy, in this case toy boats.  In this drawing there are three toy boats with one of the boat’s mast is broken.  The broken mast also symbolizes something broken in the little boy.  He also drew a picture of his boat making the emotional attachment to that boat.  Again, written in the little boy’s crude hand writing.



"Child's Play-New Pair of Sissors"

Pencil and Acrylic paint on Paper

3.5' X 2.5'



This drawing is kind of whimsical.  It is a look at a little boy’s new pair of scissors.  Due to the boy’s anger he has cut up everything, the animal crackers, pencil and crayons.  He has also colored and cut out two “blue balls”, symbolizing some form of “emotional castration”.  And finally he has done a drawing of his new scissors which actually looks like male sexual organs and a little boy’s hand writing which is written in his own crude hand writing.

"Mary Had A Little Lamb She Also Had A Fish"

Collage, Panint and Pencil on Paper

3.5' X 2.5'



This drawing is one of those drawings that the title and objects have very little relationship to each other.  I am just concerned with the overall composition.  Collaged newspaper and the fish-as a child you cleaned fish on a newspaper.  The rosary has no connection to other objects but refers to “Mary” mother of Jesus.  The fish is also a symbol for Jesus.  The peppermint candy has no relationship to any of the objects but, it is used as a visual color element (red) that centers the whole composition. 


Pencil and Tea on Paper

3.5' X 2'


In this drawing I wanted to incorporate traditional drawing materials with non-traditional.  It is a striped table cloth with two cups.  I used tea to stain the paper in a similar way tea would stain a table cloth.  I liked the idea of the tea to function as tea does but in a different way.

About My Work

I have always been concerned about the way people viewed painting.   However, sculpture was the art form that drew my attention due to its three dimensional quality, enticing me into its own environment.  


I wanted to do the same thing with my paintings and drawings, bring the viewer into the art works environment.  That is the reason I allow the paintings to flow onto the floor space into the viewers space.  In the still life drawings I like to hang the tables with their legs almost touch the floor, after all table legs do touch the floor.

Framed paintings always created a distance between me and the work.  Someone said to me that looking at painting was like looking through a window into someone’s private life, a voyeur. 

The element of art which always drew my attention was the emotional and psychological content.  This became a way for me to express myself, often dealing with personal experiences.

“Anthropomorphic” is the best way to describe my work, giving human qualities to non-human objects. The painting “Self Portrait with Apple” is a good example.  It is a table with elements of me, paint brushes and tubes in container with my name on it as well as other objects. On the table legs are an actual pair of my old socks and shoes.    

Some of my art work is “in your face” works.  Such a work is “Milliner with Colostomy” which is a look at a real individual and a part of life people want to push aside.  Not all the art work is accepted.  Maybe it touches a cord that is difficult to experience.

Tom Schneider