About My Work

I have always been concerned about the way people viewed painting.   However, sculpture was the art form that drew my attention due to its three dimensional quality, enticing me into its own environment.  


I wanted to do the same thing with my paintings and drawings, bring the viewer into the art works environment.  That is the reason I allow the paintings to flow onto the floor space into the viewers space.  In the still life drawings I like to hang the tables with their legs almost touch the floor, after all table legs do touch the floor.

Framed paintings always created a distance between me and the work.  Someone said to me that looking at painting was like looking through a window into someone’s private life, a voyeur. 

The element of art which always drew my attention was the emotional and psychological content.  This became a way for me to express myself, often dealing with personal experiences.

“Anthropomorphic” is the best way to describe my work, giving human qualities to non-human objects. The painting “Self Portrait with Apple” is a good example.  It is a table with elements of me, paint brushes and tubes in container with my name on it as well as other objects. On the table legs are an actual pair of my old socks and shoes.    

Some of my art work is “in your face” works.  Such a work is “Milliner with Colostomy” which is a look at a real individual and a part of life people want to push aside.  Not all the art work is accepted.  Maybe it touches a cord that is difficult to experience.

Tom Schneider